Grocery Store Distribution

Grocery Store Distribution

A grocery store is a retail shop that sells food, either new or protected. They sell necessarily nonfood items, for example, family unit items and general products. These stores do not manufacture food products. Hence, there are distribution companies that supply the grocery store food and other similar product which is sold to the final consumers.

Getting your products on the shelves of a grocery store as a manufacturer may require a lot and would reduce efficiency in production. Therefore, there is a need to work with grocery distributors. Grocery distributors are wholesale agencies that buy food products either freshly baked or cooked in large quantities from manufacturers supply to grocery stores and other retail outlets.

There are quite a large number of grocery distributors in the country distributing food products to these stores. Below are a few prominent ones:

  • C&S wholesale grocers
  • U.S Foods
  • Sysco corporation
  • McLane Foodservice
  • SpartanNash

#1: C&S Wholesale Grocers: C&S wholesale grocers was founded in 1918. The company is the largest wholesale grocery supply company in America. C&S wholesale grocers have over 50 distribution centers in 16 states and storage space of more than 15million square feet. The company supplies approximately 140,000 different food products such as candy, meat, dairy products, fresh bakery items, and also nonfood items to over 7,700 independent and major supermarkets, chain stores, and institutions.

#2: U.S Foods: U.S foods is founded in 1989 and is one of the leading food distributors in America. The company is involved in servicing the restaurants, the healthcare sector, government, and educational institutions. U.S foods supply food and related products to over 250,000 customers all around the country. The company is headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois.

#3: Sysco Corporation: Sysco corporation markets and distributes food products, kitchen equipment, smallware, and tabletop items to restaurants, healthcare, and educational facilities, lodging companies, and other retailers involved in food services. The company operates about 330 distribution facilities worldwide and offers services to nearly 90 countries. Sysco is the top leading brand headquartered in Houston, Texas, United States.

#4: McLane Foodservice: McLane is one of the most significant supply chain services leaders headquartered in Temple, Texas. McLane is involved in supplying grocery and nonfood to convenience stores, drug stores, wholesale clubs, discount retailers, and occasional dining restaurants across the United States. The company operates 80 foodservice and grocery distribution centers across the country with one in Brazil.

#5: SpartanNash: SpartanNash is an American food distributor and grocery store retailer that owns and operates over 155 grocery supermarkets. It offers products and services to help independent grocery retail customers operate efficiently. As far as income, SpartanNash is the biggest food wholesaler serving military supermarkets and trades in the U.S.The company is headquartered in Byron Center, Michigan.

Engaging grocery distributors in the distribution to grocery stores is one sure way to reduce the cost for a food producer, and to ensure his goods get to prospective consumers.