Grocery Outlet Distribution Center

Grocery Outlet Distribution Center

Distribution is the process of ensuring that a product or service gets to the final consumer or the business user who needs it. Being one of the four elements of the marketing mix, distribution can be done directly by the manufacturer or service provider or using the indirect channel with distribution companies or intermediaries. Product, pricing, and promotion are the other three elements of the marketing mix.

Many at times, these distribution companies build distribution centers all around for easy accessibility of retailers and consumers to the product or service available. A distribution center may be a specialized building constructed to store a variety of products in large quantities and then distributed to the retailers. A grocery distribution center is often built with refrigeration or air conditioning saves food products, organic and freshly baked, or cooked produce before it is distributed.

Grocery Outlet is a supermarket company that provides discounts, overstocked and closeout products from private label suppliers, and name-brand groceries. It is one of the largest opportunistic buyers of grocery items in the country. The company operates on an extreme value business model having 320 locations. Grocery outlet is founded in 1946 and is headquartered in California. Grocery Outlet has stores in California, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Washington, with each store having flexibility in its products offering to serve local tastes and demand. The majority of its stores are independently operated by a locally based married couple.

Grocery Outlet has six distribution centers in four states in the United States of America with each using a computerized tracking device to provide controlled distribution, monitor closed-dated products, and offer automated recall.

Below are the distribution centers and its details:

  1. California
  2. Oregon
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Washington

#1: California: The details of distribution center are;

  • Sacramento warehouse (#90 & #97)

4400 Florin Perkins Road

Sacramento, CA 95826

(916) 379-4152

  • Sacramento Reconditioning Warehouse (#92)

440 Florin Perkins Road

Sacramento, CA 95826


  • Americold Warehouse (#93)

2050Lapham Drive

Modesto, CA 95354

(209) 526-7900

#2: Oregon: The details of distribution center are:

  • Clackamas Warehouse (#95 & #91)

12100 S.E. Jennifer Street

Clackamas, OR 97015

(503) 655-0244

#3: Pennsylvania: The details of the distribution center are:

  • Americold Warehouse (#96)

3800 Hempland Road

Mountville, PA 17554

(503) 655-0244

  • Amelia‚Äôs Warehouse (#98)

43 Graybill Road

Leola, PA 17540

(717) 556-8600

#4: Washington: The details of distribution center are:

  • Americold Warehouse (#94)

1301 26th Avenue East

Tacoma, WA 98424

(253) 620-7252

Grocery Outlet sells a variety of food products such as general grocery, frozen foods, bakery, dairy, meat, deli, beer, wine, snacks, and produce. The products sold are not gotten from other retail stores, they are gotten directly from the manufacturers of the products. These products, mostly seasonal merchandise or closeouts are, then moved, from the manufacturer to the grocery outlet stores via a distributor.