Grocery Distribution Center

Grocery Distribution Center

Today, food among all other products is the type humans consume the most. As a result of this, grocery distributors supply large quantities of merchandise to retail stores and often deliver to these stores to ensure the freshness of the product. Also, to effectively do this, grocery distributors have distribution centers scattered all around the country.

A grocery distribution center is a warehouse where manufacturers’ food products are stocked to be supplied to retail stores and traders or directly to customers. A grocery distribution center is often built with refrigeration or air conditioning system to ensure perishable food products are safe and in a conducive environment.

Distribution centers often make use of various equipment in handling the stock of items in their warehouse, such as shipping containers, cartons, pallet jacks, pallets, boxes, and forklifts. With an adequately situated distribution center, the cost of getting a product delivered to its final destination and bulk transportation to the heart of a market can be made easy and at a reasonable price. These distribution centers also enable international commerce with higher competition by getting rid of taxes, tariffs, duty, or VAT a customer would have to pay when ordering internationally.

Some companies with grocery distribution centers scattered across the country are:

  • C&S wholesale grocers
  • Wakefern food corporation
  • H.E. Butt grocery company
  • Brookshire grocery company
  • Grocers supply company

#1: C&S Wholesale Grocers: C&S wholesale grocers is the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the United States, founded in 1918. They distribute about 140,000 different products such as candy, meat, dairy products, fresh bakery items, and also nonfood items to over 7,700 independent and major supermarkets, chain stores, and institutions.

#2: Wakefern Food Corporation: Wakefern food corporation was founded in 1946 and is the 20th largest private company. This distribution company supplies food and consumer products such as grocery, frozen food, meat, and dairy products.

#3: H.E. Butt Grocery Company: H.E. Butt grocery company owns and regulates a network of grocery stores. It was founded in 1905. They supply cooking wares, bakery items, drugs, meats, beers, wines, and seafood.

#4: Brookshire Grocery Company: Brookshire grocery company was found in 1953 and operates a chain of supermarkets. The company distributes its products, including vegetables, beverages, fruits, dairy, meats, seafood, and canned products throughout the United States.

#5: Grocers supply company: Grocers supply company is a wholesale grocery distributor founded in 1923. GSC services over 650 grocery stores, 200 schools, and 1,200 convenience stores. The company distributes grocery, meat, dairy, frozen food, general merchandise, produce, and beauty care products across the country.

With these grocery distributors having their distribution centers strategically placed all around the country, consumers can be easily satisfied, and food products can be transported with minimal cost.