Distribution to Independent grocery Retailers

When manufacturing a food product, you’d agree that putting into consideration the consumers of your food is very important. This way, your business can thrive in the market as your goods get across to a wide range of consumers. One way to ensure this is to get your products on the shelves of independent grocery retailers.

Independent grocery retailers are businesses that sell food products and related products; more importantly, they are privately owned. They play a vital role in the country’s economy employing millions of people and providing unique products that cannot be found in the big box retailers. These independent retailers are the trendsetters most times serviced by distributors and wholesalers in the country.

Below are some grocery distributors that distribute food products to independent grocery retailers:

  • SpartanNash
  • Hummingbird Wholesale
  • Banner Wholesale Grocers
  • United Natural Foods Incorporated

#1: SpartanNash: SpartanNash is an American food wholesaler and market retailer that offers the best of the two universes, with involvement with wholesale distribution and retail benefits. The company owns and operates over 155 grocery supermarkets, supplying over 2100 independent grocery retail locations in the country and is headquartered in Byron Center, Michigan. It also helps independent grocery retail customers operate efficiently. In terms of revenue, SpartanNash is the largest food distributor serving military commissaries and exchanges in the U.S.

#2: Hummingbird Wholesale: Hummingbird is a family-owned organic food distributor that considers the sustainability of farming practices, ingredients, and nutritional value when choosing products. The company has partnered with farmers and local mills to grow and process organic foods that were unavailable and has helped create an excellent food system in Oregon’s valley while servicing independent grocery retailers as far away as Bellingham.

#3: Banner Wholesale Grocers: Banner wholesale grocers is an American food distributor located in Chicago, Illinois. Banner is a distribution company that has been servicing independent grocers since 1926. The company offers a large variety of merchandise specializing in American Hispanic products. Banner has seven trucks that deliver to customers in Iowa, Indiana, and other midwestern states. Their mission is to provide the highest quality services consistently and to provide excellent value to their customers.

#4: United Natural Foods Incorporated: also known as UNF, United Natural Foods, Incorporated, is a wholesale distributor focused on natural and organic food products in the United States. The company offers refrigerated, dry and frozen groceries, supplements, and non-food items such as household cleaning products. 

Supplying to independent grocery retailers’ distributors is all about meeting the needs of the retailers. Meeting the distributors is a good start to know the market trends. If the distributor has a good relationship with the independent grocery retailer, the process of getting your goods onto their shelves becomes easier.