Distribution Channel Grocery Stores

Distribution Channel Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are large stores where groceries (foodstuffs, household items, and other commodities) can be purchased. There are food distributors who specialize in delivering grocery items to grocery stores. Getting your products on the shelves of grocery stores is a great way to expand your brand to a new customer base. If you are wondering how to do this successfully, we are here to help.

These few tips will guide you in achieving your aim.


This is a form of market research; it is an essential factor in launching a successful business or brand. You can visit local store retailers to study their products and consumer preferences. Talk to buyers if you can to get their likes, dislikes, and preferences in a product. Even, you may go as far as conducting a market audit to acquire adequate knowledge of the consumer base you are targeting and the risks associated with the market space.


Proper packaging can market a product better than any other sales strategies. Once you have done adequate research to help guide the development of your product, you can use this information to create a professional, attractive packaging that will make your products stand out on the shelves of grocery stores. Working with a topnotch product designer will help you get your consumers impressed and attracted to your products.


You can get your products to grocery stores by either approaching each store yourself,  hoping they will accept your products, or you can partner with the right distributor who will do most of the work for you. The latter is more advisable and less exhausting because the truth is retailers are reluctant to devote shelf space to new products. They would instead continue to sell existing products that have already earned the trust of consumers and generates lots of sales.

Since these distributors are already familiar with grocery stores, working with one will significantly improve your chances of success. You will need a little help from these experts to reach your destination. Listen to your distributor’s feedback carefully as you can trust them to give you great tips on growing your business.


Once you’ve got a distributor, you are ready to start speaking to grocery stores. At this stage, they will mostly want to take your products on consignment. Consignment launches your product and gives you a method of testing how well it performs in the market. This means they will only pay you after your products have been sold. Do not be alarmed. If you have a quality product, it will sell out in on time.

Achieving these stages does not mean you have to relent. You still need to do your part in marketing and spreading awareness about your products. Marketing strategies like social media campaigns, trade show events will prove productive.